Utilities – Who is responsible for calling the utility companies (hydro, water, gas) to notify them of a change of ownership?

On all real estate transactions I write to the utility companies to advise of the change of ownership. It is important that my clients when selling call the utility companies to confirm that they are, in fact, moving, to arrange for the final meter readings to be taken and to provide the utility companies with a forwarding address so that the final bill can be sent to the seller at the seller’s new address. Purchasers must also call the utility companies. In order for utility accounts to be set us some utility companies require a deposit from new customers. The utility companies will also ask:

  1. for personal information in order to set up the utility accounts;
  2. if the purchaser wishes to go on an equal monthly payment plan or if the purchaser will pay the accounts in accordance with bills produced from meter readings;
  3. if the purchasers want to pay by preauthorized debit, or if they will send cheques?

These are decisions that I cannot make for my clients.